As a young mother, who was often in and around the house, she made time for painting murals and restoring furniture. Her style and choice of colours were atmospheric and unique. “With colour you can make magic,” she says. Sylvia has been able to charm people with her creative ideas: warm designs, combined with traditional craftsmanship and high quality, without compromising character. Sylvia has the ability to realise designs which reflect her personal taste and lifestyle, but at the same time fit beautifully with a wide range of interiors. And with each design the customer has the freedom to choose their preferred size and upholstery.
L’Authentique instils it furnishings and colours with emotion and balance: from merry, cosy and warm, to peaceful, loving and comforting. We get to know Sylvia through her designs and gain a glimpse of her character through the strong lines and flourishes.
To look at Sylvia’s hand-painted colour chart is to see her personality come alive in paint.

Kung Karusell: Agent in Scandinavia